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SETAC Sessions

4.06 Micro and Nanoplastics: Harmonizing Methods & Addressing Research Challenges, co-chaired by Stacey Harper, Susanne Brander, James Lazorchak, Konrad Kulacki, Kay Ho, & Robert Burgess Nov. 17th 

  • Live discussion – Nov. 17th 12 – 12:50 pm, PST 

  • Topical mixer: Plastic Investigators, with Susanne Brander, Meredith Seeley, & Violet Renick: Nov. 18th 1 – 2 pm, PST  

  • 4.06.13 - The Spatial Variability of the Occurrence of Ingested Microplastics in Sebastes melanops Off the Oregon Coast - Katherine Lasdin  

  • 4.06.18 - An Unexpected Snack: Zooplankton Feeding on Microplastics in the Northern California Current - Anna Bolm 

  • 4.06.22 - Effects of Environmentally Relevant Concentrations of Tire Wear Particle on Estuarine Indicator Species - John Dickens 

  • 4.06.24 - Investigating the Presence and Trophic Transfer of Microplastics in Ex- and In-Situ North American Otters Through Scat and Diet Analysis - Jennifer Van Brocklin 

  • 4.06.25 - Nanoplastic Composition Influences Agglomeration Differentially Through a Salinity Gradient  - Hannah Shupe 

  • 4.06.29 - Early Exposure to Tire Microparticles Impacts Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Development and Survival - Brittany Cunningham 

  • 4.06.30 - Size and Compositional Impacts of Nanoplastic Particles on Embryonic Zebrafish  - Bryan Harper 

  • 4.06.31 - Nanomaterials Bayesian Network Ecological Risk Assesment Framework and the Data Requirements to Reduce Uncertainty - Wayne Landis 

1.01 Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing for Ecotoxicity Assessments and Environmental Risk Assessments, cochaired by Teresa Norberg-King, Audrey Bone, Kristin Connors, Mark Lampi, Mark McMaster, Adam Lillicrap, Michelle Embry Nov. 17th 

  • Live discussion  Nov. 17th 11 – 11:50 am 

  • Development and Validation of Cardiomyocytes, Hepatocytes, and Osteoblasts Cell lines from the euryhaline fish model species Menidia beryllina – Chris Markgraf 

1.06 Epigenetics and Environmental Exposures: Mechanisms and Effects across Phyla, co-chaired by Susanne Brander, Adam Biales, Ramji Bhandari, & Jessica Head Nov. 18th  

2.09 General Aquatic Toxicology, Ecology, and Stress Response Nov 18th  

1.11 Nanomaterials: Environmental Fate and Effects, with Katrina Varner, Elijah Petersen, George Cobb, Olga Tsyusko, Rebecca Klaper Nov. 18th 

  • Live Discussion – Nov. 18th 11 – 11:50 am 

  • 1.11.16 - Impacts of Differentially Shaped Silver Nanoparticles With Increasingly Complex Hydrophobic Thiol Surface Coatings in Small-Scale Laboratory Microcosms – Bryan Harper 

  • 1.11.19 - In Vivo Toxicity of Biodegradable Chitosan-Doped Lignin Nanoparticles in Embryonic Zebrafish (Danio rerio) - Jared Stine 

5.01 Bayesian Network: Application for Environmental Risk Assessment and Management, co-chaired by Wayne Landis & John Carriger Nov. 19th 

  • Live discussion – Nov. 19th 11 – 11:50 am

  • 5.01.01 - Bayesian Networks, Next Steps, and the Future of Ecological Risk Assessment - Wayne Landis 

  • 5.01.11 - Risk Assessment of Microplastics in the San Francisco Bay Using a Bayesian Network Relative Risk Model Framework - Emma Sharpe 

5.09 Multiple Stressors: Assessing Contaminant Effects in Ecosystems with Multiple Stressors, co-chaired by David Ostrach, Cameron Irvine, Lawrence Kapustka: Nov 19th  

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